We offer comprehensive solutions in the fields of next generation sequencing and microarray, from sample collection to bioinformatics analysis. With our expert bioinformatics team, we provide complete support to clinicians and researchers in both life sciences and molecular diagnostics.

Analysis Support Process


Determination of Analysis Method and  Steps


Statistical Approach Determination and Analysis


Analysis Summary and Image Sharing

Clinical Bioinformatic Analysis

We provide services to clinicians together with our bioinformatics experts, who are experienced in the clinical field, for the rapid and accurate analysis of the high amount of data produced with new generation genomic technologies. Thanks to GenerAVI, which makes automatic variant annotation and interpretation developed by our partner Genera, we present all variants associated with the disease / phenotype to clinicians as a clear and understandable summary of analysis.

Our team offers :

Integrated project management: From experiment design to project management

High information privacy and security

Optimized work flow

Rapid reaching the target in diagnosis and research with up-to-date analysis and visual output

Up-to-date scientific information

Rapid result production