Genetic Consulting

Problems with your genetic background may be at the root of your disease. Genetic counseling aims to provide you or your family with the most accurate solution as soon as possible by assisting in the selection of the appropriate genetic test and the correct interpretation of your test results.

Genetic tests can be performed for different purposes such as diagnosing or confirming genetic diseases, making treatment decisions, and determining the probability of recurrence of the disease. Genetic counseling is important in determining the individuals to be tested in the family in the selection of the appropriate genetic test and method.

In which situations do I need genetic counseling?

.   If you have an individual with a rare genetic disease in your family

.   If you have a disease with a genetic component such as cardiological, neurological, metabolic diseases

.   If you have had recurrent pregnancy loss and infertility problems in the past

.   If you have a family history of cancer

.   If you are battling cancer genetic counseling can be a guide for you.