EDH has 10+ years of knowledge and experience in the field of radiopharmacy and nuclear medicine.

Gen Era has been working hard to become the pioneering enterprise of our country in the field of molecular diagnosis and life sciences since the day it was first established in 2013. It aims to create value for scientists, clinicians, laboratories and ultimately end users, with its competent staff and a wide product portfolio created by combining purposeful products and services.

Zionexa develop in-vivo biomarkers transforming oncology, guiding treatment selection and monitoring, improving patients’ pathway and quality of life. ​Within a Positron Emission Tomography exam (PET Scan), biomarkers help oncologists and nuclear medicine physicians personalize the treatment, based on whole body imaging providing the localization and characteristics of tumors.

ELAA Technology is a digital health company focusing on cancer early diagnosis. ELAA Technology’s patent pending Pure Digital Medical Navigation Platform has been the basis for development of new products for cancer early diagnosis market and our first product has received CE clarification as a Class-II medical device.

AxolotlBio 3D Bioprinting Systems creates high-resolution desktop 3D bioprinters and bio-ink, capable to produce functional three dimensional living tissues